Auction Factory is a unique Joomla extension that allows you to create a professional auction website. You can unleash the power of a fully fledged Auction script and also take advantage of Joomla's unmatched versatility.

You can test Auction Factory by clicking the menu on the left, and check out the administrative backend by clicking on the menu on top

Having a fully customizable templating system, webmasters even without any PHP knowledge can easily modify the look of any page in our extension. There is no need for the webmaster to change the extension's code, and this will ensure a 100% upward compatibility with our future releases. Just back up the template folder and all of your customizations will be safe. The Auctions Factory Package includes ALL PHP sources (nothing encrypted) and one set of generic templates (commented in the files - for a better understanding) along with a full documentation of the templating system (available under documentation in our website).

There are several supported auction types: regular auctions, regular auctions with bin price, bin only auctions, private auctions. Users can bid regularly or by proxy (proxy bidding is also known as automatic bidding) and can also enable price suggestion, which will allow bidders and sellers to have a more vivid bidding conversation.


With a fully customizable mailing system you can ensure that users get the notifications regarding their activities in your auction site. You can enable or disable any notification and change its contents.

Using the ACL (access control list) feature you can restrict some usergroups or specific users the right to post auctions or to place bets. For instance, this way you will be able to create admin-only auction websites or charge users for specific group memberships.

The pre-installed Payment gateways allow you to turn the auction website into a profitable business.


There are a lot of features in this package:


  •  Auction types

  • Standard Auction: Sellers list their items and the start price, buyers place their bids on the item and compete with each other. When the auction ends, the best bid (highest bid) will be automatically chosen.
  • Standard Auction with manual winner: Sellers list their items and the start price, buyers place their bids on the item and compete with each other. The winner can be chosen by the seller at any time. This is useful for auctions where price is not the only winning criteria, or where the seller does not want to wait until the auction ends in order to award the item
  • Standard Auction with Buy-it-now price: Sellers list their items and the start price and a buy-it-now price for the item, buyers place their bids on the item and compete with each other. If at any time a buyer clicks the Buy-it-now button, the item will be instantly awarded to that buyer.
  • Private Auction: Sellers list the item and the start price, buyers post their bids without having information about other bids. This type of auction is also known as "sealed envelope auction"
  • Buy it now Auctions: This type of auction resembles the classic multi-vendor shop, where the sellers post their item with a fixed price, and buyers get awarded just by accepting this price. Additionally, you can enable "price suggestion" for this auction - this allows the bidders to send their price offer to the seller (maximal 3 suggestions per auction) and if the sellers agrees, then the bidder might get a lower price than the BIN price.
  •  Auction features

  • 100% templating system. Any page can be fully customized
  • Several Image Galleries you can choose from
  • Endless Category System
  • Sellers can set up starting Price, reserve Price, BIN price
  • Multiple currencies with daily exchange rate update
  • Sellers can set up a minimum increase per auction (minimum distance between bids)
  • Shipping prices can be set up according to shipping zones
  • Additional shipping info can be added
  • Custom Fields can be used to describe an Auction
  • Custom Fields can be added to enhance User Profiles
  • Tags can be used in order to search the auctions much more easy
  • Users can have their own Watchlist (auctions that they just follow)
  • Auctions can be Featured (gold, silver, bronze)
  • Offending Auctions can be Reported to the Administrator
  • CSV import auctions for Bulk Auction creation
  • You can blacklist certain users from bidding to your auctions or just one specific auction
  • Bidding features

  • Bids can be placed in an input box or placed visually using the Bid-Band
  • Bidders can place Proxy Bids(also known as Automatic bidding)
  • Bidders can send Price suggestion (in BIN only auctions)
  • Bidders can ask sellers questions using the Auction Factory Messaging System (included)
  • Winner and seller can rate each other using the included ratings system
  • Separate listings for: My Bids, My Watchlist, My Won Bids
  • Bidders can suggest prices to the auctioneer, and receive counteroffers
  • Payment options

  • Included Gateways: Paypal, Moneybookers
  • Pay directly to the auctioneer
  • Pay commissions, Listing fees, featured fees to the webmaster
  • Payment Items (revenue generating features)

  • Pay per listing
  • Pay for featured auctions
  • Pay commission for transactions in you website (you can choose to charge the seller, the buyer or both)
  • Pay for contact information (buyers pay in order to get the contact information of the seller)
  • Pay for bids
  • SEO features

  • fully SEF. All URLs are SEF - this way auction titles, tags, usernames get a better ranking in the search engines
  • Dynamic titles. All Auction detail pages have a dedicated unique title. Improves relevance a lot.
  • Metatags and Meta Keywords for every auction page. Using tags and description the Auction details pages have dedicated Meta information
  • Categories are displayed in a directory-like manner. Categories have description and SEF ulrs. This way relevance of category search is improved.
  • Tag Cloud module
  • User Profile features

  • Extended User Profile - Contact details and Paypal email
  • Custom profiles fields - you can add your needed fields to the system
  • User Rating - General Rating, Rating as a seller, Rating as a buyer
  • Power seller Profile with preferred pricing
  • Verified user settings
  • Community Builder Integration (if installed. not required)
  • Administrative Options

  • Auction Management - can change, block, delete auctions
  • Messaging System with the auctioneers - Admin can send messages to Sellers
  • Import, Export, Backup, Restore Auctions
  • Category Management - Endless Category levels
  • Payments Management - Enable/Disable Payment items, Manually add payments, Manually approve pending payments
  • User Management
  • Reported Auction management - review and block offending Auctions

For a better product insight please check also our product documentation which describes in detail, all available features and settings of the extension. If any questions, don't hesitate to ask using the ticket system or our forum.


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